Three State Troopers Arrested for Overtime Fraud

BOSTON – Three State Troopers, including a Charlton resident, were arrested today and charged with theft of government funds. The three allegedly used fraudulent documentation to claim overtime pay for shifts they did not work. The overtime shifts were available through two programs of the State Police that had aimed to increase highway safety and to reduce motor vehicle accidents.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling held a press conference this morning to announce the arrests of David Wilson of Charlton, Gary Herman of Chester and Paul Cesan of Southwick

The troopers could earn overtime under the State Police’s Accident Injury Reduction Effort (AIRE) if they worked eligible four- or eight-hour shifts. Investigators discovered the fraudulent shifts by examining data on when certain cruisers were on or off, looking at refueling records and a cross-check of internal citation records with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

The three troopers were paid overtime after they falsified or altered citations to indicate that they had worked at specific times. Herman earned $12,468, Cesan earned $29,000 and Wilson earned $12,450 in fraudulent overtime.

“Lieutenant David Wilson, who was an officer in charge of overtime shifts at Troop E, including signing off on overtime shifts worked, also did not work some or all of his shifts for which he was paid,” said Lelling.

Lelling told reporters at the press conference that Wilson earned “about $230,000 in 2016, which included about $68,000 in overtime pay. Of that, it appears that he defrauded the State Police and taxpayers of about $12,500 in that year alone.”

Two of the troopers have resigned or retired and a third is suspended from work. The three will appear in Federal court in Boston later today.


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