Southbridge DPW Conducts Planned Herbicide Spray Program

SOUTHBRIDGE – The Southbridge Department of Public Works is now conducting a planned broad-spectrum herbicide spray to several areas of town. The program was announced in May and will be complete “no more than 15 days after Aug. 15, 2018.”

Ron Trudeau, DPW operations manager, states that the town has applied four tanks of herbicide to unwanted vegetation across town in a program that began several weeks ago. Trudeau and two other staff members are licensed applicators and Trudeau is certified in “right of way application.” The herbicide spray will be applied to public areas and not on private property.

“We spray early in the morning in areas of heavy foot traffic and pedestrian use,” comments Trudeau.

The application allows control of unwanted and uncontrolled vegetation near guardrails and areas that are out of reach to motorized equipment, which the DPW might otherwise use for vegetation control measures. The quicker nature of spraying also allows considerable cost savings as compared to controlling overgrown vegetation manually.

Trudeau says that the planned spraying “saves us a lot of expense in labor and cost to the taxpayer,”

A press release in May of this year stated that Razor Pro broad-spectrum herbicide would be applied to vegetation in sidewalk, guardrail and curbside areas during the duration of the program. Information found online for a product called Razor Pro, manufactured by Nufarm, states that the active ingredient in the herbicide is glyphosate, n-(phosophonomehtyl) glycine, in the form of isopropylamine salt, a Group 9 herbicide.

The following streets in Southbridge were listed in the May press release as potential areas of spraying:

Blackmere, Breakneck, Central, Chapin, Charlton, Cliff, Coombs, Commercial, Crystal, Dresser Hill, Dudley River, DuPaul, Eastford, Edwards, Elm, Everett, Foster, Franklin Terrace, Glover, Goddard, Golf, Guelphwood, Hamilton, Hartwell, High, Hook, Lovely, Main, LaRohelle, Marcy, Mechanic, North, Paige Hill, Park, Pine, Pleasant, Sayles, South, Summer, Hilltop, West, Woodstock and Worcester.

Trudeau says that the spraying is safe for the general public and the herbicide dries quickly. He says that the herbicide spraying program is “positive, with nothing to hide” and that citizens are welcome to forward questions to the DPW at 185 Guelphwood Road or call (508) 764-5403, extension 6 with questions.


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