Quaboag student arrested after Snapchat video taken as a threat

“Concerned parents” tip off police after social media post

Citizen Chronicle Writers

WARREN — There was heightened police presence at local schools Thursday morning after a student has been arrested in connection to an alleged video threat shared through social media.

Multiple parents viewed this Snapchat video and notified authorities after taking the “Be prepared, Quaboag” message as a threat.

Quabaog Regional School District Superintendent Brett Kustigian informed parents of the “increased police presence at our schools” following the arrest of a male 15-year-old student whose name has not been released by authorities. “The police will be there to reassure students, parents, faculty and staff that the threat was addressed,” Kustigian said in a statement. “It is our mission to provide the safest learning environment possible.” The Warren Police Department, in an announcement late Wednesday night, said police would be visible only “to reassure students, parents, faculty and staff that the threat was addressed.” Police noted there was “no reason to believe that it will be anything but business as usual” for students and teachers.

According to Warren Police, authorities were made aware when “many concerned parents became aware of the threat and called the police department to voice their concerns.” Kustigian said the regional school district also “immediately notified” police upon learning of the video “late [Wednesday] night.”

Multiple Quaboag parents have confirmed the video appears to have been initially shared through the social media app Snapchat and features a teenage male who looks into the camera and says, “Be prepared, Quaboag.”

Investigators from the Chicopee, Warren, and West Brookfield police departments, as well as Quaboag administration, cooperated with an investigation that quickly led to the arrest of the student. According to media reports, the student is a Chicopee resident who attended Quaboag Regional High School.


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