Local college’s path to Pro Apex Legends Scholarship first of a kind nationally

Becker, Genji and Helix team up on new eSports effort

LEICESTER — Becker College, Team Genji and Helix eSports have launched the nation’s first path-to-pro Apex Legends esports scholarship program. Now, top Apex Legends high school players will have the opportunity to convert their skills into a college education. By competing in North America’s largest Apex Legends amateur tournament at Helix, the biggest gaming center in the country, in early April, players will generate deep data for analysis by Team Genji’s advanced esports analytics platform. Top performing gamers who newly apply, and are admitted, to Becker College will then be eligible to receive a one-time $5,000 scholarship to the school.

Surprising many as the fastest growing Battle Royale title in history, Apex Legends rocketed to 50 million active players in its first month. The free-to-play game, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, features legendary characters with powerful abilities who team up to battle for fame and fortune on the outskirts of the Frontier.

“Our goal is to give top Apex Legends players a unique chance to combine their talents with an education,” said Becker College Esports General Manager Timothy Loew. “As home to the first varsity esports program in Massachusetts and the first bachelor in esports management degree in the U.S., Becker is excited to shape the future of competitive gaming in partnership with two of esports’ leading brands: Genji and Helix.”

To be eligible for the one-time scholarship, current juniors and seniors in high school must register for recruiting with Team Genji starting on March 15. From there, players can improve their chances of earning the scholarship by attending Helix Esports Apex Legends Combine Tournament in New Jersey in early April, with attendees invited based on their Team Genji application. The full rules for the tournament are available on Helix’s website here.

At this Combine event, players will be evaluated by Team Genji’s proprietary talent analytics platform, as well as Becker College staff. Finalists will then be invited to apply to the college. And, if you can’t make the Combine event or are a freshman or sophomore, registering with Team Genji automatically preserves your eligibility for future Becker esports scholarships, so there’s no reason not sign up.

“Building a recruiting pipeline from high school to college, and then hopefully to a pro team like Genji is what we’re all about,” said Team Genji’s CEO William Collis. “There’s so much talent out there and we want to tap into it. This is just the beginning. We’ve proven the power of analytics by using big data to build the world’s number one Hearthstone team. And we’re excited to bring our platform into Apex Legends with the help of Helix and Becker.”

Players who enroll full-time at Becker, nationally recognized by The Princeton Review as the third best game design program in the world, will also be guaranteed a try out on the college’s new competitive Apex Legends team starting up this fall.


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