DCRSD announces 29 new COVID-19 cases

Only two cases required close contact tracing

DUDLEY — More than two dozen new cases of COVID-19 among staff and students have been confirmed this week, according to the local school superintendent.

Steven Lamarche, superintendent of the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District, announced early Friday evening that “we have been informed of 29 cases in the last seven days starting Saturday January 2, 2021.”

Lamarche said only two of the 29 cases “required close contact tracing as all other cases were already in quarantine, self-isolating or stayed home as symptomatic prior to returning from the holiday vacation.”

In an email to parents, urged all to take appropriate precautions in the ongoing pandemic.

“This is why our mitigating strategies work and if you have symptoms please stay home and contact your school nurse. While we could not predict the actions of Dudley-Charlton education community members after a length holiday break, the fact that we had to complete contact tracing on two members of our educational community at the end of the week continues to support established mitigating strategies help keep everyone safe,” Lamarche said. “We continually need you to conduct home based self-checks for COVID symptoms prior to entering the schools.”


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