‘COVID-19 Coordinator’ position created for DCRSD

School Committee approved new position to lead coronavirus efforts

DUDLEY — Students and staff in local schools will soon have a new point person to work with as the regional school district is searching for a full-time COVID-19 Coordinator.

In an email to parents on Friday evening, Dudley-Charlton Regional School Superintendent Steven Lamarche said the school committee has approved the addition of the position. Lamarche said the individual hired for the job would be tasked to “assist in all aspects of COVID-19 and cases through the district.”

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He added: “The COVID Coordinator will increase open-lines of communication across the district, with school nurses, community nurses and our health agents. We hope to have this position filled in short order.”

According to the job posting, the job description is as follows: “This is a non-clinical case coordinator position responsible for providing support services to students, employees and families. Duties include triaging reports to determine next steps necessary and assign responsibilities for response, creating and maintaining COVID case files, conducting contact tracing, attending to after-hours reports during evenings and weekends, and reporting data for the District. This position also includes providing consultation with administration to coordinate COVID related responses.”

The COVID-19 Coordinator will “Work closely with the Central Office Administrative Team and nursing staff in establishment and oversight of protocols related to COVID-19 and the health and safety of the DCRSD community,” by being the primary recipient of COVID-19 reports, perform contact tracing, review daily health screenings, maintain daily and weekly status reports, and more.

The preferred qualifications for the new position include a bachelor’s degree, knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, knowledge of contact tracing procedures, understanding Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidelines for COVID-19 in schools, and five years of experience in administrative work, healthcare, medical office or health care environment, and/or experience in patient care, among other abilities and experiences. If you’re looking for more healthcare-related jobs, check out facilities like UTMB Health.


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