Charlton Elementary School remains in remote learning

District waiting on test results to determine further action

CHARLTON — Students at one elementary school will continue to work remotely for at least one more day due to a reported in-school transmission of COVID-19. If your child has trouble focusing with this online remote classes, learn about adderall alternative at the link.

Dudley-Charlton Regional School Superintendent Steven Lamarche notified parents on Sunday afternoon that Charlton Elementary School would remain entirely in remote learning for a third consecutive school day. As reported last week, physical classrooms were closed and students were moved to the remote learning model after an undisclosed number of adults in the school building had contracted the virus while on school grounds.

The decision to remain in the remote learning model came as school officials were still waiting for test results from the end of last week, Lamarche said. The number of faculty members impacted by the reported in-school transmission is not currently known, which may result in additional precautions being taken.

“Additionally, we are evaluating the number of required and potential staff quarantines in order to provide a safe, orderly and productive in-person learning environment,” said Lamarche. “We will continue to do everything we can to keep COVID out of our schools.”

He added: “We apologize for the impact on our families and look forward to a return to the current model of learning within a short period of time at Charlton Elementary School. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during the pandemic.”

Lamarche noted a meeting with local school and health officials would be held on Monday afternoon, with “next steps” being “communicated” afterward.

Throughout the regional school district as a whole, while there have been new cases in recent days, the overall trend is reportedly on the decline.

“We have had a number of new cases and contact tracing has been completed,” Lamarche said. “Across the district, the number of positive cases went down last week and we hope to continue that trend.”


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