Administration, educators pledge support for SEBRSD students

Superintendent, teachers’ union issue joint statement

SPENCER — The administration and local teachers’ union have reasserted their commitment to support students and families during the COVID-19 school closures, according to a joint statement released Monday.

Spencer-East Brookfield Regional Superintendent of Schools Paul Haughey and Peter Bogren, president of the Spencer-East Brookfield Teachers’ Association, signed a joint statement addressed to “Parents and Families” on Monday afternoon, outlining the district’s approach throughout the unprecedented actions taken due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools in Spencer and East Brookfield have been closed since March 16, and will remain closed through at least the end of April. The joint statement affirmed the district has “been supporting our students learning needs by providing district-based resources” on its website as well as “by providing additional learning activities and opportunities at the school level.”

The letter noted that administrators and teachers continue to work remotely during the school closures, available to support students and families in a variety of ways. With schools remaining closed for at least several more weeks, educators and administrators are working on developing new lessons and methodologies to reach local students.

“Our schools are in the process of developing learning activities and opportunities that will be made available at the school level created by your child’s teachers, who know your child and his/her needs best. Schools will be making activities available across all subject content areas including art, music, and physical education,” Haughey and Bogren said in the statement. “Our goal is to provide our students and their families with some engaging activities and opportunities that will help provide some sense of normalcy during this challenging time.”

The letter urged student and families to work on the activities when possible, and noted that the initial grading will be focused on “providing feedback,” while “eventually moving toward a ‘credit/no credit’ system.”


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