Two positive COVID-19 cases confirmed in Spencer

‘Necessary precautions’ urged for all residents

SPENCER — The COVID-19 pandemic continues to make its presence felt in southern Worcester County, with two residents of this town having tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Spencer Board of Health announced on Wednesday that two residents have tested positive for coronavirus, per the Public Health Nurse.

“The Public Health Nurse is working closely with the patients and will notify others who may have been in contact with them,” read an announcement released by the Board of Health. “The nurse will continue to work with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to ensure any affected residents are properly monitored, quarantined, and isolated as each case dictates.”

While the identities and other demographic information, such as age or gender, was not released to the public, officials note the Board of Health may release the address of any positive cases to the local police chief “so dispatch can advise emergency personnel to take the necessary precautions.”

The Board of Health statement advised all residents should “take all necessary precautions” to slow the spread of COVID-19. As additional confirmed cases of coronavirus are reported to town officials, the Public Health Nurse will work closely with those patients and others who may have been in contact with them.


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