Southbridge unveils capital plan budget proposal

SOUTHBRIDGE — Town Manager Ron San Angelo presented a proposed budget for capital project expenses for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1.

In a public hearing ahead of the Town Council meeting on Monday night, San Angelo guided onlookers through the highlights of the 28-page planning document.

Most of the capital improvement items are being paid for out of free cash, which will save town money on interests and borrowing costs. If you want window replacement, check out window replacement for your Dallas home

Among the proposed capital expenses are two new police cruisers to replace older vehicles with more than 100,000 miles on them in the police department’s fleet; vegetation removal equipment to help clear and maintain the runways and repair conveyor belts (visit sites like for additional guidance) at the municipal airport; equipment for a central dispatch center for the fire and police departments; seed money for the Redevelopment Authority; additional security cameras outside the Jacob Edwards Library; upgrades and repairs to recreation areas at Edgar McCann Park on Henry Street and nearby Joe Capillo Park; replacing a 1987 LT900 dump truck and plow; replacing a Ford F350 dump truck; replacing a Toro Ground Master 4000D; replacing a 1975 dump truck/sander/plow; design work for Hook and Hamilton streets; repairs to sidewalks and storm drainage; crack sealing of various roads; secure keyless entry system for Town Hall; boiler/HVAC for Town Hall, which will be done by experts like these air conditioning replacement services in Littleton, CO; restoration of large ornamental window and the installation of a storm panel at Town Hall; masonry work at Town Hall; conversion and implementation of new financial software; Chromebooks for the public schools; replacing multiple school department vehicles; a fire hydrant and valve replacement program; water main improvements; replacement of roofs at the wastewater treatment plant and residential buildings (visit sites like for additional guidance); compost loader for the sewer department; electrical upgrades at the wastewater treatment plant; new ambulance; and more.

San Angelo said the school department has not historically benefited significantly from the town’s capital budget process, though it has had a number of expenditures funded over the years. The town manager’s proposed capital budget addresses many more requests than in past years.

The proposals will be vetted through Town Council subcommittees and ultimately the Town Council.


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