Throwback Thursday: Thumbing Through Old Yearbooks

With high school graduation season upon us, The Citizen Chronicle decided to take a little look back at some of Southbridge’s high school yearbooks from years gone by. We hope you enjoy this little retrospective on students and teachers from the town’s high schools, both public and parochial. The images below are from 1928, 1933, 1948, 1958, 1968, 1993, and 2008, showing photos as recent as 10 years ago and as far back as 90 years ago.

Special thanks to the Jacob Edwards Library for its efforts to digitally preserve these local historical records.

Cole Trade High School’s 1948 graduates included Ronnie Houle, Bill Kelly, Bill Kochanowski, Emil Maly, Court Martel, Hector Martel, Red Lapointe, Larry Libby, Jerry Lippe, Chet Milas, Al Miller, and Joe Paquin. While enrolled at Cole Trade, they studied to become cabinet makers, carpenters, draftsmen, electricians, factory maintenance, machinists, or to work with sheet metal.

Southbridge High School’s Jon Lamarine, Dave Laflamme, and Jim Smith toed the rubber for the Pioneers baseball team in 1968.

In 2008, it wasn’t just the graduating students who received superlatives. Among those faculty members who were recognized were Mr. Maguire and Ms. Rotondo as Most Entertaining, Mr. McHugh and Ms. Loftus as Most Helpful, Mr. Calnan and Ms. Garieri as Most Enthusiastic, Mr. Rucki and Ms. Tashjian as Most Likely to Retire, Mr. Silver and Mrs. Aronson as Most Inspirational, and Mr. Hernandez and Mrs. DiGregorio as having the Best Attitude.

Notre Dame’s Class of 1958 included “enthusiastic cheerleader” Judith Bouchard, Glee Club member Rachel Cyr, baseball player Robert Boulanger, prospective nurse Doris Delage, Catholic Youth Council member Pauline Cloutier, Glee Club member Pauline Delage, “Everybody’s buddy” Ronald Corriveau, and devoted class president Donald Dufault.

In 1928, shortly before the Great Depression hit, the graduates of Wells High School included Glee Club member Doris Whitehead, the class “business man” John Dragon, student-athlete Viola “Vi” Desautels, class clown and solid baseball pitcher Gilbert “Duke” Dubreuil, football captain Antonio Detorando, the quiet Estelle Dupuis, aspiring hairdresser Irma Dobson, and all around star Jacob “Jake” Edwards.

In 1968, there were quite a few Southbridge High School students who thought a teaching career may be in the cards. Below, some of their inspirations that year may have been social studies teachers Roland “Lefty” Varin, James Forkey, and Walter Gosk.

The 1993 Southbridge High School varsity baseball team.

Southbridge High School’s Class of 1968 included, among others, class president Thomas Liro, vice president Laurier Carpenter, secretary Jacqueline Page, and treasurer Gregory Mathieu, as well as students Lynn Abrahamson, Barbara Arel, David Bastien, Richard Adamick, Ronald Aucoin, and Kathleen Battista.

The Class of 2008 may be gathering at some point this year for their 10 year high school reunion, and among those attending may be P Diddy fan Elizabet Rivera, volleyball player Beatriz Sagastibelza, student of the 1960s Michael Rodriguez, cheerleader and softball player Carmen Santana, concert choir member Sheila Rodriguez, and baseball player and golfer Corey Savoie.

If you were a student at Cole Trade 70 years ago, your teachers may have included Emery Lavallee, Nels Johnson, William Delaney, Lawrence Swenson, William Nickerson, William Paul, John Benson, Francis Couture, Leo Grenier, George Kerivan, William Julien, Mario Pellegrini, Harold Andrews, Frank Skinyon, George Braman, Walter Glondek, Margaret Connolly, or Maureen Baybutt.

In 1993, superintendent of school Al Lanni retired, and was replaced by former elementary school principal JoAnn Austin.

Among those who graduated 80 years ago were extraordinary pitcher Ernest “Speedy” LaVallee, the quiet Bea Martin, the beauty and brains of Lucille “Billie” LaVergne, local Romeo-type Clarence “Bugs” Miller, the “slick and handsome” Odilon “Babe” Lavoie, the ever-present Lucille Monroe, handy man Raymond Lenti, girls basketball star Eleanor “Elie” Paoletti, prankster Nellie “Peppers” Lesniewski, the shy Ruth Paul, Girl Scout Rita “Champ” Livernois, and Woolworth clerk Roxanne “Roxy” Pinsonneault.

Among those employed at Southbridge High School in 2008 were principal (and current School Committee Chairman Bill Bishop), assistat principal Greg Leach, administrative assistants Nita Brunell and Joanne Dunn, math teacher Pamela Abate, business teacher Dianne Allard, english teacher Amy Allen, special education teacher Michelle Aronson, ISS supervisor Jack Austin, and adjustment counselor Melanie Bagaglio.

At Marianhill, the Class of 1968 included graduates Ski Club member Paul Roy, baseball player John Sterritt, drama club member Robert Tadla, Glee Club member Susie Salvati, National Honor Society member Michele Seguin, Business Club member Linda Vaillancourt, Spanish Club member Joanna Saad, French and Spanish clubs member Sandra Wienczek, school newspaper member Betty Zalis, Math Club member David Skoczlas, and Student Council member Edward Smith.

25 years ago, SHS graduates included John Desrosiers, Jose Dingui, Daniel Dowen, Heather Fredette, Tannis Fredette, Christopher Garby, Ebon Elza, Stacey Ethier, Erin Fredette, Adriana Gil, Graciela Gomez, and Liane Hackett.


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