Police warn Southbridge drivers about getting screwed

Loose screws prove to be a road hazard

SOUTHBRIDGE — New England drivers are used to having to navigate through snow and avoiding potholes, but a roadway of loose screws?

According to the Southbridge Police Department, at an unknown time on Sunday morning, a truck carrying construction supplies spilled out a significant amount of screws onto the roadway in the area of Elm, Everett, and Lebanon Streets. Police urge drivers to use caution or stay off these specific streets as the area is cleaned up. Anyone with any information of the vehicle involved please contact the police immediately.

Several individuals were seen posting about the unexpected roadway challenge, including some who have had to get their tires fixed or replaced as a result.

Motorists who have sustained damage to a tire with one or more of the screws have been advised contact the Southbridge Police Department at 508-764-5420.


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