Savannah Sipping Society leaves audience “roaring”

All-female cast shares “a few drinks” in Gateway comedy

By Katie Alicea-Tilton
Citizen Chronicle Theatre Critic

SOUTHBRIDGE — In the famous words of The Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.”

Opening night of Gateway Players Theatre’s “The Savannah Sipping Society,” a Jones Hope Wooten Comedy currently playing at Fellowship Hall at the Elm Street Congregational Church, 61 Elm Street, Southbridge, reminds us that when we least expect it we might find a piece that we didn’t exactly know was missing.

This comedy brings us to Savannah, Georgia, where four complete strangers from completely different backgrounds meet and help each other to overcome their obstacles. They take your typical girls night out and kick it up a notch.  Through thick and thin they are there to help guide each other and push themselves to limits they never knew possible.

The very logical Randa, played by Gwen O’Brien, likes everything in order and has put all of her energy into her career.  The vivacious Jinx, played by Simone Germain, likes to go wherever the wind takes her.  Sassy Marlafaye, played by Tamara Beland, is recently divorced and ready to take on the world, while the soft spoken Dot, played by Linda Bouthillier, is recently widowed and just so lost without her Husband.  Four different women from four different worlds are brought together by fate to be the support they didn’t even know they needed.  Together, along with a “few” drinks and many laughs, they bring out the best of each other. You can view more if you need an attorney to represent you at court while getting a divorce.

Right from the very first scene the hall was roaring with laughter. The four different personalities of the ladies complimented each other so well.  Not only did they learn new things about each other they also learned new things about themselves.  Sitting in the audience made me feel as though I was out on a girl’s night of my own, not to say the men can’t enjoy it as they were also having a good time in the audience.

Director Mary Gahagan and producer Barbara Day did an amazing job bringing this story to life. I love a good laugh and “The Savannah Sipping Society” did not disappoint.

“The Savannah Sipping Society” is a fantastic comedy that brings light of real life situations.  It shows us how we as people can be there for one another to help guide each other and be the support that someone might need.  If you’re looking for something fun to do I would highly recommend catching one of the remaining productions, June 8, 14 & 15 at 7:30 p.m. and June 16 at 2 p.m.


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