Letter to the Editor: Local Students Value After School Programs

Dear Editor,

We are a group of students from Southbridge Middle School who also attend the 21st Century After School Program. We want to tell you about the 21st Century After School Program and the YMCA teen center programs in Southbridge. 

The YMCA has been in Southbridge for a long time. It helps us in a lot of ways. When we are at the teen center and programs, we get news about the community and events going on. At the YMCA we can exercise and get fit and learn about healthy lifestyles. It helps us with language and learning to talk to other people too. The staff helps us with problems and other things. We also like that there is a pool. We would be bored without the 21st Century club and the YMCA. 

Without the YMCA teen center and 21st Century after school programs, we would probably be alone in our homes playing video games and being a little antisocial. Also, we would be very bored without these programs. 

Maybe some people don’t realize how important these things are to us, so we want people to know about the 21st Century program and the YMCA teen center program. We want adults to keep the program and support the YMCA so that we can enjoy it. We also want people to know how much we like these activities. 


Aaron Sosnicki

Andy Nieves

Jencen Rodriguez

Caleb Velez 

Pictured: Jencen Rodriguez. Rodriguez and his peers authored this letter to the editor.


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