Grant funds new boiler at Hitchcock Free Academy

Hitchcock officials ‘rejoiced’ after boiler install

By Shaun Moriarty
Citizen Chronicle Writer

BRIMFIELD — The winter got a little bit warmer inside the more than 160-year-old Hitchcock Free Academy.

The public non-profit community center announced today it is the recipient of a $7,300 capital grant through the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts to install a new boiler at Hitchcock Free Academy. The grant is funded by the Buxton Charitable Foundation Fund, Bank of America, and the Lochridge-Watkins Charitable Foundation.

Hitchcock Free Academy Executive Director Susan Gregory said the new boiler was installed on Jan. 30 by Noonan Energy.

“We all rejoiced that we can get plenty of hot water to meet the Board of Health requirements from the tap, and the heat in the basement now has programmable thermostats,” Gregory said. “Along with a much more efficient boiler, these improvements should save on our oil bill, and we are compliant with Board of Health water temperature regulations. All great news in this 168-year-old gem of a facility.”

Preschooler Camille Sheldon and hundreds of others can now wash up with hot water in the craft room at Hitchcock Free Academy after a new boiler was installed.

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