Hitchcock Free Academy seeks Giving Tuesday support

BRIMFIELD — It is the third day of the week. It is not distinguished by being the middle of the week, the end of it, the start of it, or part of the glorious weekend. It’s a nothing special day.  Except on December 3 it is because THAT Tuesday is Giving Tuesday. Hitchcock Academy hopes people will mark this day with a donation sparked by a memory they have made through the Academy. Hitchcock, once the community’s high school, is now a site for classes and home to 75 community groups. Additionally, there are Concerts on the Common, Make Music Day, December Delights, Halloween crafts and candies for the kids, Summer Fun, the Town Wide Tag Sale and the Farmer’s Market, all of which happen thanks to Hitchcock Academy.

This year’s Giving Tuesday campaign features a drawing by Layli, a 12-year-old participant in a home school group that meets at Hitchcock. In a letter accompanying her drawing Layli wrote, “I love Hitchcock for what it has given me and I am proud to be part of it.”

Layli isn’t the only person who is grateful to Hitchcock Academy.  In a letter, posted on hitchcockacademy.org, Brimfield resident Lyn Brown Sherris calls Hitchcock Academy “…truly a part of the soul of our town.” She wrote of the pride she feels for her family’s four generations of service to the Academy. Sherris noted that both her great grandfathers were trustees, her grandmother was a teacher, her grandfather was a trustee and both her father and her mother were graduates.  Her mother went on to teach at HFA and her father served as both trustee and a treasurer for 50 years. “Hitchcock is an organization to treasure, support and grow,” Sherris wrote. “From the history Dad (sic) loved, to the challenge of keeping an antique building going, to planning programs to appeal to so many, Hitchcock deserves our help and affection.”

Layli and Sherris are but two of the people who are asking others to honor a Hitchcock memory with a donation on Giving Tuesday.  Sharon Palmer, of All Can Do Yoga also wrote in support of HFA: “With its programs, staff, culture and roots of generosity, Hitchcock is a reminder of what community is.” Hitchcock Academy, she stated, “is an ongoing presence weaving its way through time.”

Since 1855 Hitchcock Academy has been a landmark in Brimfield, seeking to connect the past to the future. A Giving Tuesday donation enables Hitchcock to expand its services to fulfill the needs of the community today.


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