Firefighter resigns after suspension over social media post

Millbury FD: Dagle’s comments ‘In no way’ reflect the department

The following news article includes racial comments that many readers will find offensive. These comments are included to provide context and demonstrate the extent of the the comments allegedly made by a now-former member of the Millbury Fire Department. Reader discretion is advised.
📸 Millbury Fire Department Facebook photo.

MILLBURY — A member of the local fire department has resigned after his comments on social media led to a suspension without pay.

Markus Dagle resigned his position with the Millbury Fire Department on Tuesday morning, having learned he would be suspended without pay while officials looked into complaints stemming from Facebook comments he allegedly made.

The Millbury Fire Department announced the suspension and resignation in a Facebook posting on its page, noting that Dagle’s remarks “In no way” reflect the department.

Screengrabs show Dagle allegedly commented on a Facebook post with, “Civil war 2 bring back the kkk,” before engaging in a dialogue with at least two other Facebook users.

According to images of the Facebook thread, another user, Rita Daigle, was the first to respond to Dagle’s comment. She said, in part, “KKK can stay gone I will be in line to kill all them KKK people,” before asking Dagle if he did “not like colored people.” Images of the thread show Dagle allegedly responded: “i do but not cry baby ones.”

Roughly a half hour later, during which time another Facebook user asked to share the comments “because he’s a racist,” Dagle allegedly complained supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement are “taken [sic] away our history, rights and favorite shows because they want it b [sic] all about them and change our way of life. I won’t stand for that.”

He allegedly continued: “This [expletive deleted] don’t know nothing about history or who fought for their freedom they are destroying what we learned or fought for back in 1861. I am not changing my views or way of life. BLM are only a group of 15mins [sic], ALL LIVES MATTER IS LIFE. I back the BLUE and RED and will back them throw [sic] and throw [sic]. Theses [sic] monkeys want it to be all about them and make there [sic] own history to replace what our history did to our country or or [sic] state. [expletive deleted] them but u [sic] dont [sic] like it pack your damn bags and go back to Africa where u [sic] came from because this is our country and our history.”

A petition to have Dagle fired was shared before it was announced that he had resigned his position. The petition, addressed to both the Town of Millbury and the Millbury Fire Department, claimed: “The night of June 22, it was brought to our attention multiple racial remarks made on Facebook by one of our own local firefighters, Markus Dagle. Markus used multiple racial slurs referring to black people as ‘monkeys’ and also ‘cry baby’s’ for fighting for racial equality.”

Dagle’s Facebook account does not appear to be active at the time of this article’s posting.


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