Ferrara exhibit at library offers ‘eloquent celebration of female presence’

Work of ‘journeyman artist’ on display

By Amy Fawe
Citizen Chronicle Writer

SOUTHBRIDGE — From the moment one walked in to the opening Thursday night for artist John Ferrara, the observer could only be truly amazed by the sheer beauty of his Oriental collection.

He had to select from the 80-piece collection to fit the room at Jacob Edwards Library. What is there, in color and expression, is nothing short of brilliant.

“John is showing such an eloquent celebration of female presence in this particular showing,” said Library Director Margaret Morrissey.

Mr. Ferrara’s career has spanned the course of 60 years, doing shows and working hand in hand with library since 1963. A resident of Central Massachusetts for more than 50 years, he described himself as a “journeyman artist.” Explaining the reason for this label, he said, “I call myself that just — like in the trades such as electrical, masonry, etcetera — after so many years, you are so experienced and varied in your tools and proficiency.”

John Ferrara thinks of himself as a “journeyman artist,” who works with several mediums to create his art. Ferrara’s work is on display at the Jacob Edwards Library in Southbridge throughout the month.

Donna Silverberg, a friend of the artist who attended the opening, offered this bright perspective: “In this particular Oriental collection, he had so many of the same subject types, but there is no painting or picture or anything that look like anything else he has done. John can take one subject and has been able to evolve over this last 60 years and express himself with classical styles — almost cubist-like styles in his completely original mediums there are no words for — and even can portray two-dimensional stained glass with extraordinary colors.”

He works in watercolor, acrylic, oil, chalk, ink and roller print.

His son, Jeffrey Ferrara, said what he admired most about his father’s talent “was how many different mediums he was able to use and excel with.”

Michelle Mojica, another person attending the opening, spoke about her favorite part of the exhibit. “It’s his originality in his work and the color,” she said. “You just don’t see such beauty like this anymore or expression.”

The exhibit of works by John Ferrara will be on display through the month of January at the library. More examples of Mr. Ferrara’s work can be found on his website, www.artofjohnferrara.com.


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