Charlton sets up ‘Public Assistance Hotline’

Focus is on access to food, necessary resources

CHARLTON — With many people losing portions, or the entirety, of their paychecks due to coronavirus-related business closures, locals now have someplace they can turn for some help.

Officials in Charlton have established a “Public Assistance Hotline” in an effort to lend a hand to residents struggling through some of the economic impact of COVID-19.

“The mandatory business closures and stay at home orders brought forward by the COVID-19 crisis have created new struggles that many of us and our neighbors have to contend with,” said Town Administrator Andrew Golas in a press release. “These struggles may include limited access to food or the necessary resources needed to get through the day. These challenges are not just limited to the elderly.”

Golas said the hotline, which can be reached at 508-248-2366 or emailing, is intended “to help connect residents to the resources that they need to get through these challenging times.”

Those reaching out for help should leave a message with their name, contact information, and what sort of assistance they are seeking.

While the hotline was established to help those in need, it also serves as a means for locals to volunteer to provide that help. GOlas said those who “are willing to volunteer to assist those who may be home bound or have access to resources that would be helpful to others” can let officials know through the hotline.

Golas also stressed the community aspect of coping through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are all in this together, and together, we will make it through,” he said.


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