Charlton Fire Captain honored by American Heart Association

Barton named EMS Provider of the Year

📸 Courtesy photo

WORCESTER — The EMS Provider of the Year Award honors exceptional acts and service by Central Massachusetts EMS providers both on and off duty. This year, the American Heart Association awarded Rob Barton, Charlton Fire Captain and Paramedic, the 2019 EMS Provider of the Year award.

Barton is a leader in everything he does. He coordinates EMS trainings, oversees the orientation program for new paramedics, and leads the Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement program at Charlton Fire Station to ensure proper patient care.

Outside of work, Barton donates his time to the Central Massachusetts community. In addition to providing first-aid instruction to the local little league organization, Barton was also instrumental in organizing a Stop the Bleed program at a local high school, teaching students how to stop an uncontrolled bleed in an emergency situation and empowering them to act. Barton defines the spirit of caring and commitment to prehospital healthcare. He continuously advocates for patients, families, and the community. Barton was given his award on May 22 at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors for the American Heart Association chapter in Central Massachusetts.


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