Brimfield PD searching for fugitive lizard

Police want to help snag harmless critter before it gets hurt

📸 Brimfield Police Department photo

BRIMFIELD — Local police became engaged in a manhu…er, lizard-hunt on Tuesday morning.

A brown lizard last spotted in the area of John Haley and Washington Road is being sought by the Brimfield Police Department, according to its Facebook page. The lizard, which police said they believe to be a bearded dragon, was not deemed a danger to anyone, but authorities are simply looking to track it down and ensure it is not harmed as it plays hooky from its owners.

“It is harmless but we would like to capture it before it gets hurt,” police said in the social media post.

In the thread of comments on the Facebook post, police have been offered tips on how to attract and catch a bearded dragon. In response to one comment about the futility of trying to catch the lizard, police insisted they’re confident they have the officers who can handle such a case. “We have a couple really fast officers 😂 we will definitely try,” police responded.

Anyone who has spotted the lizard is asked to call Brimfield Police Department’s dispatch at 413-245-7222, “and try to keep an eye on it.”


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