Internationally renowned behaviorist to share secrets in Brimfield

Bailey to visit Hitchcock on November 10, 11

📷 Bob Bailey is an internationally renowned behaviorist, animal trainer, and former colleague of the famous psychologist, B.F. Skinner.  He will be teaching his trade at Hitchcock Free Academy in Brimfield on November 10 and 11.
By Susan Gregory
Special to The Citizen Chronicle

BRIMFIELD — Chickens, spiders, cats, whales, dogs… you name it, Bob Bailey has trained it.

You can spend the weekend with Dr. Robert “Bob” Bailey, internationally respected animal trainer. Bob has brought the application of scientific principles, Applied Behavior Analysis, out of the lab and into the field. For decades Bob has influenced a wide range of animal trainers Marine Mammal Trainers, to Zoo Keepers, to U.S. Department of Defense, to pet and performance Dog Trainers, etc. in the application of humane, efficient, and effective training techniques. He, himself has trained thousands of animals, a vast array of species; from dolphins to chickens and more — even spiders.

Incredible results can be achieved through the application of non-force /non-pain based methods. Bob is known as a master behavior technician and points out that training is a mechanical skill. Mistakes will slow the training process and may confuse and discourage the animal.

Observational and mechanical skills are essential in the clear, concise delivery of our “training message” to the animal. Attendees can come away with an enhanced understanding of how to develop, implement, and adjust their training plan to improve communication with the animal being trained.

Laurie Merritt, dog trainer and K9 NoseWork® instructor at Hitchcock Academy shares her thoughts on the event. “I’m really excited for the opportunity to facilitate this event.  Bob is foundational to the development clean, efficient, reward-based training.  He has decades of experience with animals in real world situations. He trained dolphins to find mines and birds to take pictures for the US Defense Department.  It is just incredible.”

You can join us on Saturday & Sunday November 10 and 11 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There are limited positions for dogs with working spots, You can audit for two days or just one day.  Lunch is included. For more information or to register visit or call 413 245-9977


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