The Storm Magnet: Charge your devices, get gas for the generators!

Greater Southbridge area to see 10-12″ of snow

By Dan Butler
Citizen Chronicle Contributor

Get ready, our third big storm in 10 days is just hours away!

No chance at this point of this storm missing us, we will feel the full impact so please be prepared and stay safe. Make sure your cell phones and devices are fully charged, get some wood ready for your fireplace, or gas for your generator, and have flashlights and extra blankets handy — just in case you should lose power during the storm.

The snow won’t be as wet and heavy this time because the air is much colder aloft than last Wednesday, but there will still be 15-25mph sustained winds for a time with 40-45mph gusts. Snow totals for our area have gone up a bit, but I still think all the 18-24″ totals I’m seeing on local TV news stations will stay closer to Boston and the Plymouth area. Locally, a pretty solid 10-12″ is to be expected in the greater Southbridge area, with the snow falling for about 16 hours.

Snow should start after midnight tonight, and won’t move out until around 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

Be safe everyone, stay off the streets and allow town crews to do their job. Rent a movie and enjoy your family. Just eight days until spring!

Dan Butler has always enjoyed keeping local folks informed about weather events especially during storm season. He is an NWS certified storm spotter and has two years of training with the Taunton office of the national weather service for southern New England.

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