The Mystery Behind The Mysterious Mysterio Solved

Latest Spider-Man flick brings old comic character life

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By Jenson Slauenwhite
Citizen Chronicle Entertainment Writer

The magic fishbowl head Mysterio is in this year’s summer blockbuster, Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the trailers for this film, it is revealed that he is a hero from another earth, specifically earth 616. This is actually a reference to the earth where the current Marvel comics take place. However, Mysterio is super different and possibly the biggest difference in comic book movies we’ve seen yet.

His first appearance was in 1964, issue #13 of The Amazing Spider-Man. Mysterio’s real name is Quentin Beck, and he worked as a special effects guy for films. Soon he became hungry for fame and money, so he decided to use his skills for robbing banks and being a pain for Spider-Man. Beck uses practical effects to hurt people and super realistic holograms to frighten people to run away from a scene. He can basically create a dragon from Game of Thrones out of nowhere to assist him in his crime. The film version looks to be using magic. His fishbowl mask is actually a special effect that he created so people won’t see who he really is. Quentin Beck isn’t the only Mysterio, but others like Daniel Berkhart, Francis Klum (who was able to mind-control people), and even Doctor Octopus have worn the fishbowl and purple cape.

What blows my mind is how unknown this character is, yet he has appeared in many things other than comics. Mysterio has made an appearance in several Marvel games but was also the main villain in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man Friend or Foe. He also had a few episodes in the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon, in The Spectacular Spider-Man in 2008, and was an original member of the Sinister Six. Mysterio was even going to make a cameo appearance in the canceled Spider-Man 4 film with Bruce Campbell taking on the role. Yet, somehow, some people have no idea who he is.

With Mysterio being from another earth in this film it makes me think where the Quentin Beck from our earth is? Will he turn up or be mentioned? Hopefully, but only time will tell. Another positive that comes out of this is the multiverse. It would be really cool if they said that the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man was on a different earth and came over for some reason. Like how a different Spider-Man came over from a different earth to hang out with Miles in Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse. Maybe Mysterio is actually lying to everyone and he really is a villain. There might be a chance that he is actually working with the Elementals (Hydron, Magnum, Hellfire, and Zephyr) and their fight is just staged.

But I honestly doubt this is the case. Nick Fury believes what Beck was saying and he does a background check on everyone. So if Nick Fury believes him, I believe him. Spider-Man actor Tom Holland even said in an interview that Spider-Man and Mysterio are sorta best friends. Also, including that he’s from another earth is too descriptive, especially since in the current season of Agents of Shield the main characters are dealing with something similar involving the multiverse. As much as I want him to be the villain he is in the comics, it just won’t happen. For me, this is about as disappointing as when the Mandarin was just some actor in Iron Man 3. Marvel could have made the character from a different earth literally anyone or just someone who died in our earth. Without yet seeing Far From Home, I already like the comic book version much more than the film’s version. I wish we were able to see Mysterio in the Sinister Six, which is slowly being formed after the events of Spider-Man Homecoming. Since members do get replaced over the years, besides Mysterio in the comics, he will no doubt be replaced in the film. This means instead of Quentin Beck as the evil Mysterio in our earth it could be Daniel Berkhart or Francis Klum. Like how the Shocker was killed in Homecoming and seconds later someone else took the mantle. Hopefully, we will see this earth’s version of Mysterio and he won’t just disappear in a puff of smoke.


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