Southbridge stabbing suspect arraigned

Ferrer-Garcia allegedly stabbed at least two within half hour of posting bail from earlier disturbance

📸Southbridge Police Department photo

SOUTHBRIDGE — A local man was scheduled to be arraigned in Dudley District Court today after police allege he stabbed at least two individuals immediately after posting bail for an reported violent disturbance hours earlier.

According to the Southbridge Police Department, police officers were dispatched to the area of 201 Hamilton Street at approximately 5 p.m. on Friday, July 24, due to a report of a “large disturbance involving weapons.”

Police said dispatchers were able to provide police officers with a description of two motor vehicles and occupants who had allegedly been involved in the disturbance before fleeing. Upon their arrival on scene, according to a police department press release, law enforcement observed a large gathering of people on both sides of Hamilton Street and numerous people standing outside on porches of buildings in the area. An investigation ensued during which time police officers made contact with the occupants of one of the vehicles reported to be involved in this incident.

Southbridge Police affirm that one of the occupants was 19-year-old Kenneth J. Ferrer-Garcia, who had allegedly been “identified by witnesses as the aggressor and reported that he had just chased the occupants of the second involved vehicle while threatening them with a knife.” Police report a female was also identified on scene as throwing rocks at the second vehicle as Ferrer-Garcia chased after it with a knife.

During a search of the vehicle Ferrer-Garcia was a passenger in, police officers reportedly recovered several knives, along with a large machete. The second vehicle was also located a short distance from the scene and the occupants were able to identify Ferrer-Garcia as the suspect who had just threatened them with a knife, police reported. Ferrer-Garcia was arrested on scene and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon to wit a knife, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and malicious damage to a motor vehicle. Two other subjects were also charged with crimes and will be summoned into Dudley District Court at a later date.

After the booking process was completed, bail was set at $1,040. Ferrer-Garcia was able to post bail and was released from Southbridge Police Department custody at approximately 10:30 p.m. Within a half hour, police officers were dispatched to the area of Pine and Chester Streets to investigate the report of another large disturbance. Upon their arrival, officers were told by witnesses that multiple people had just been stabbed. A large crowd was gathered in the road and numerous residents were outside on the porches of two apartment buildings on Pine Street. An investigation ensued during which time officers learned that three people were stabbed. Two of the victims reportedly told law enforcement that Ferrer-Garcia had just stabbed them with a knife, while a third victim claimed to not know who had stabbed them. During further investigation, officers entered an apartment on Pine Street and observed large amounts of blood on the floor and stairs in the area where the stabbing was believed to have occurred. Officers were eventually able to locate Ferrer-Garcia and he was placed under arrest without further incident. Police officers said they were also able to recover a knife with suspected blood on it. One can also try to get bail bonds on this official site.

Ferrer-Garcia, a resident of Pine Street, was charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon to wit a knife, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. After his second arrest, Ferrer-Garcia was held without bail and was scheduled to be arraigned in Dudley District Court on Monday, July 27. A warrant was issued for a second suspect for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon to wit a metal pole. The suspect, whose identity was not revealed in the press release, had allegedly struck a victim during the disturbance on Pine Street with a metal pole from a street sign. Police affirmed an involved female will also be charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for her involvement in the Pine Street incident, during which time she allegedly threw a chair at one of the victims. A criminal defense lawyer has been called by the involved female to represent her case before the judge. All of the victims were transported to Harrington Hospital to receive medical treatment for non-life threatening injuries.


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