Southbridge youth softball wins title game in third year of existence

U10 mounts comeback to claim championship

Photos and story by Helen Boyle
Citizen Chronicle Contributor

BRIMFIELD — The Southbridge girls were down but not out in the league championship game on Tuesday evening.

The U10 softball team tied the game 6-6 in the fourth inning. They played hard and with teamwork they rallied and came back. With cheers from the dugout and from parents, along with the encouragement of the coaches, they continued to play hard coming back strong, winning 8-6 over Brookfield.

This is a young team, and not only in age; the league was reactivated three years ago. In those three short years, they have gone to the playoffs two years in a row. Southbridge coach Pablo Edwin said that he’s always very proud of the girls.

The parents all say the same thing — these girls are learning teamwork and creating friendships along the way.


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