Police searching for man in van heading for Wales

Female jogger reports incident near Staffordville Reservoir

📸 Police sketch of suspect

WALES — Local police and authorities in Connecticut have been searching for a man in a van after an incident near the Staffordville Reservoir early Thursday evening.

According to the Wales Police Department, an unknown man behind the wheel of a van targeted a teenage girl as she was jogging in the area of the Staffordville Reservoir in Connecticut around 5 p.m. on Thursday. The suspect was described as a white man with a tan, brown hair, brown eyes, dirty looking, sweaty, and wearing a neon yellow-green shirt. He is believed to be between 25 and 35 years of age.

Police said the white van with blue or black lettering on the driver’s side “began to drive back-and-forth several times” as the 18-year-old girl was out for a jog. The driver allegedly started yelling sexually explicit things at her before attempting to block her in against a guardrail with the van.

The female was able to flee and hide in a nearby yard until the suspect left the area, last seen heading north towards Wales, said police.

Members of the Connecticut State Police and Wales Police Department canvassed the area in both Stafford, Conn., and Wales.

Anyone with information has been asked to contact Trooper Buck of the Connecticut State Police at 860-684-3777.


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