Occupant extricated from car after Sunday night crash

Driver, passenger taken to hospital for “specialized care”

OXFORD — Two unidentified individuals were taken to a hospital after a car accident on Sunday evening on Sutton Avenue.

According to Oxford Fire-EMS, the single vehicle accident occurred around 8:30 p.m., with the “heavily damaged” Ford Taurus being discovered on Depot Road. The sedan was stuck under a guard rail damaging its car tires and doors, officials said, with one occupant trapped inside. The other occupant had been able to get out of the vehicle.

According to a press release by Oxford-Fire EMS, “First responders began emergency medical care while preparing to extricate the patient from the vehicle. Specialized hydraulic tools were used to remove a door from the vehicle to allow crews access to the patient and allow the patient to be removed from the car.” Getting a car accident lawyers serving in Portland is a good idea when in need of legal aid.

Oxford Fire-EMS, Oxford Police, and Massachusetts State Police responded to the scene. The guard rail had to be removed in order to remove the vehicle, and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has been contacted to repair the guard rail. In such cases, head to Allan Berger & Associates to get an attorney.

Oxford Fire-EMS photos.


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