Late realtor’s legacy lives on through new mentor program

Morgan’s Mentor Program to help aspiring realtors

By Amy Fawe
Citizen Chronicle Writer

In a horrible, very sudden tragedy, Erick Nordby lost his sister, Morgan Lyndsey Nordby.

Born January 2, 1991, Morgan passed away September 13, 2017.

An up and coming real estate agent, Morgan was celebrating with a friend and fellow agent, Brittany Lafleche, when tragedy struck.

Morgan was described by her brother, Erick, as an adventure seeker.

“She really loved going down by the train and standing close to feel the train whizzing by,” he said, referencing an act that ultimately claimed Morgan’s life and seriously injured Lafleche. “It is pure conjecture on my part but from what we do know, it seems like she was just trying to get a thrill and most likely record herself doing it.”

There was a large plow on the front of the train, and Erick said his sister likely realized far too late that she far too close.

“It is almost certain she died on impact,” says Erick.

Investigators pronounced Morgan dead at the scene of the early morning accident.

Erick and Morgan were two of five children raised by their single mother, Debra Tetreault. Debra’s other children include Shannon (Nordby) Berthiaume, Justine Nordby, and Mikey Maestaz. On her own, Tetreault did her best to raise her five children the way she believed they ought to be, but she also wanted more. While running a cleaning business, Tetreault worked to obtain a real estate license. It proved to change the family’s course. Erick said the decision showed he and his siblings they should pursue a career rather than just getting a job.

While Morgan had a number of jobs, from bartending to retail, like her mom, it was real estate that became her calling.

“My sister Morgan loved everyone but she loved my mother more than anything. She wanted to be just like her and was in many ways. I think the family connection and wanting to be a professional really drove her in that direction,” said Erick. “She also loved to write. She always wanted to make films. She believed in the magic of life. She retained that where most people lose it over time.”

After the tragic loss of Morgan, a fund was developed to give three people access to a real estate mentor program every year. The funds formed Morgan’s Mentor Program, which not only covers the required real estate school and licensing, but helps with job placement, mentorship, and networking. Because of those offerings, Erick said, the decision was made to keep it local, putting mentees in a better position to grow roots and spread out in the community.

Erick credited Patriot Solar Cooperatives Director of Events Dennis Walker, a co-worker and friend who helped make the program a reality.

“He was the gentleman who made the initial donation that got this thing touched off. He had reached out to tell me that he was sorry, and he pledged that he would donate 26 dollars per kilowatt on his next 26 systems,” Erick said. “That is just a bit over $5,000. I was blown away, and at first I said no. Then I thought how we could do something like this.”

The deadline to apply for the Morgan’s Mentor Program is August 1, 2018. Classes start in September and are three months long, with most of them meeting three times weekly. Applicants must write a letter that includes a personal introduction that explains why they are pursuing a real estate license, and how it will affect their life. Submissions are to be sent electronically to

Erick noted that those unable to apply this time around should do so at a later time as benefactors plan to offer the mentorship program annually in Morgan’s memory.


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