Routine traffic stop in Leicester uncovers cocaine

Police find “small tinfoil packet” of cocaine

LEICESTER — A woman who was pulled over for a suspended license wound up arrested after police uncovered cocaine.

At approximately 2 a.m. on Friday, Leicester Police Officer Travis McCauley pulled over a 37-year-old woman from Worcester. The traffic stop was initiated when Officer McCauley learned the woman, whose name was not released in a police statement, was operating a motor vehicle after suspension of her license per the police cruiser’s onboard mobile data terminal. It was during the traffic stop that the cocaine was discovered, police said.

“During the stop and subsequent arrest, the officer noticed numerous pieces of burnt glass tubing and other drug paraphernalia which are indicators of crack cocaine use,” according to a Leicester Police Department statement. At this time, Officer McCauley seized a “small tinfoil packet” that authorities said contained a substance proven to be cocaine by a field test kit.

The Worcester woman was charged with operating a motor vehicle after suspension and possession of a Class B substance. She was booked at the Leicester Police Department and later released, scheduled to appear in East Brookfield District Court on Friday morning.

Officers Frank Bulman and Michael Sielis assisted with the arrest.


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