Southbridge Town Council Candidate: Joseph Cotrona

Joseph Cotrona

Candidate for three-year term on the Southbridge Town Council

Joseph Cotrona, 56, is seeking a return to a position he once held — Southbridge Town Councilor. The mechanical engineer is currently a member of the Town Council’s General Government subcommittee and has previously served on the Education and Human Services subcommittee and Recreation Committee.

He believes a good councilor is one who “always represents the people” with an open mind and knowledge of the town’s Charter. The former Town Councilor also stressed experience is imperative.

The Citizen Chronicle: What prior experience do you have that makes you qualified to serve?

Joseph Cotrona: My past experience as a Town Councilor, my willingness to work together as a team player.

The Citizen Chronicle: What do you think makes a good Town Councilor?

Joseph Cotrona: To always represent the people, keeping an open mind, knowledge of the Town Charter, and experience.

The Citizen Chronicle: What is your point of view on the future of the fire station?

Joseph Cotrona: I would like to view the report upon completion from the Fire Department Building Committee, after review of these documents and the studies then find the best resolve for this historical building.

The Citizen Chronicle: What is your point of view on the status of the public school district?

Joseph Cotrona: There have been multiple receivers that has only taken the schools backwards, the problem is in how the schools are being managed by the state.

The Citizen Chronicle: What is your point of view on the status of the landfill?

Joseph Cotrona: The citizens of Southbridge have spoken and the voters/taxpayers do not want a landfill in their town. We want to be certain Casella will honor its contract until 2027.

The Citizen Chronicle: What is your point of view on the hotly debated riverside park proposal?

Joseph Cotrona: This would be a nice attraction for the town, I think we need to work through the issues, especially the possibility of land contamination and keep an open mind once all these issues have been resolved.

The Citizen Chronicle: What is your point of view on the reputation of the town and its leadership?

Joseph Cotrona: There needs to be communication and open dialogue as a team, we need to put Southbridge first again. As an experienced former Town Councilor, we need to improve our schools, attract new families and businesses.

The Citizen Chronicle: What is your point of view on the future of Town Manager Ron San Angelo?

Joseph Cotrona: He has always been approachable during and after subcommittee meetings, offering his knowledge and input. I look forward to working with Ron San Angelo, I do not know him well enough to evaluate.

The Citizen Chronicle: What is Southbridge’s greatest asset?

Joseph Cotrona: The people of Southbridge and now we need experienced leaders to represent this diverse culture and move the town forward once again.

The Citizen Chronicle: What is Southbridge’s greatest problem?

Joseph Cotrona: Finances, political infighting, schools, the voters need to elect experienced people once again to lead this town forward in the right direction.


This week, The Citizen Chronicle will be publishing interviews with the current candidates for a seat on the Southbridge Town Council. This year there will be four seats on the general election ballot on June 12. There will be three three-year seats decided on by the voters, and one one-year seat to fill a vacancy made by the resignation of Wally MacKenzie.

Interviews with the current Town Council candidates will be published in transcript-form. The publication schedule is as follows:


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