Police pinch suspicious perp after pursuit in woods

Suspect tased in “swampy area” near Ten Schoolhouse Road

CHARLTON — A suspicious vehicle turned into a foot pursuit through the woods and the recovery of a loaded semi-automatic pistol on Saturday.

Officers Brian Cardrant and Christopher Birtz responded to Ten Schoolhouse Road where a report had been made to Charlton Police of a suspicious vehicle parked outside a home. According to police, while Officer Birtz spoke to the reporting party, Officer Cardrant spoke with Jose Jimenez, the operator of the vehicle in question. Jimenez, of Worcester, informed police he did not have identification with him. As Officer Cardrant spoke with the man, police said in a Tuesday night release, Jimenez became “more nervous” and his story became “convoluted.”

According to police, Jimenez was ordered out of the vehicle when Officer Cardrant saw the man’s hands “duck down unver the driver’s seat, out of sight.” Jimenez was checked for weapons and “became increasingly nervous and began to distance himself” from the officer, police said. As the conversation continued, police said Jimenez began walking away and then ran through a neighbor’s yard and into the woods with Officer Cardrant in pursuit on foot.

Jimenez was slowed after “he crossed a stream and entered a swampy area,” police said, and allegedly turned to “assault” Officer Cardrant, who responded by utilizing his taser on the suspect. Officer Birtz arrived at the scene and police escorted Jimenez out of the woods.

According to police, Jimenez said he fled the scene because he had a gun in his car. A search warrant was executed on the vehicle and a loaded semi-automatic pistol was recovered from under the seat where Jimenez was seated, police said.

Jimenez posted bail and was arranged in the Dudley District Court on Monday on charges of disorderly conduct, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, interfering with a police investigation, unlawful possession of a firearm, improper storage of a firearm, and unlawful possession of ammunition.


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