Invalid inspection sticker leads to Webster drug bust

Desourdy allegedly had crack cocaine, heroin, prescription drug in possession at time of arrest

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WEBSTER — A Webster man with a history of drug-related arrests was taken into custody after being spotted making an alleged drug deal on Lincoln Street on Wednesday night.

Mark A. Desourdy, 42, of Hartley Street, was arrested on multiple drug-related charges after being followed by local law enforcement who had spotted him driving a vehicle with an invalid inspection sticker, according to the Webster Police Department. A police press release stated Desourdy had allegedly conducted a “hand to hand transaction” and was found with prescription drugs, crack cocaine, and heroin.

Webster Police Officer Sean Ebbeling reportedly observed the invalid inspection sticker as Desourdy drove past him around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Police said Officer Ebbeling followed the vehicle to Lincoln Street, where its driver conducted the alleged drug deal with “a resident of that street, who had come out to meet him.” The vehicle was soon stopped on nearby Cody Street, with Officer Ebbeling reporting the driver, Desourdy, “was very nervous, and unable to sit still. He kept trying to reach towards the center of the car, and had to be reminded several times to keep his hands still.”

The observations led to a narcotics division K9 to be requested, resulting in Uxbridge Police Officer Thomas Stockwell and K9 Bear to respond to the scene. The police K9 “showed interest in a location in the interior of the car, which indicated a possible location where narcotics may be located,” Webster Police affirmed.

Officer Ebbeling and Webster Police Officer Jon Brooks searched the vehicle, locating six bags of a “brownish, powdery substance” believed by law enforcement to be heroin. The bags were later weighed and found to be in excess of 60 grams, police reported. Police also found a baggie containing what is believed to be crack cocaine, and 38 pills, which are suspected to be Alprazolam. Sandwich baggies and a ledger were also found in the backpack, which are indicative of sales of narcotics, police said.

Based on the amount of narcotics and the manner in which they were packaged, police believe Desourdy was in possession of the Heroin with the intent to sell it. The heroin reportedly has a street value of $3,600, according to the Webster Police Department. It is also believed he was selling Crack Cocaine, as well as the Alprazolam (a benzodiazepine better known by the brand name Xanax), according to police. Desourdy was in possession of $80.00 cash, which was seized as it was believed to be a result of the sales of narcotics.

Desourdy was charged with trafficking in more than 36 grams, but less than 100 grams of Heroin; possession with the Intent to distribute a Class B substance; possession of a Class B substance; and possession with the intent to distribute a Class E substance. He was held on $2,540 bail at police headquarters and arraigned in Dudley District Court on Thursday.

Desourdy not an unknown figure to law enforcement

Wednesday night’s drug arrest was not the first time Desourdy found himself in handcuffs. He was arrested in February 2020 by Webster Police for operating under the influence of drugs; not being in possession of a license; a lights violation; and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. In October 2018, he was arrested after a traffic stop on West Main Street in Dudley for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration; uninsured motor vehicle; and possession of a Class A substance. In October 2013, he was in Worcester Central District Court facing charges of driving with a suspended license (subsequent offense), and placed on probation; and was arrested by Webster Police on a warrant in November 2010.


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