How do I get my team covered by The Citizen Chronicle?

So you’ve noticed a couple certain teams seem to get all the coverage and your team just doesn’t get much, if any at all? What’s up with that? Why doesn’t The Citizen Chronicle cover your team? How can your team get some write-ups and stories?

Well, the answer is simple: Help us help you!

As we continue to grow, The Citizen Chronicle is working hard to cover as many community happenings, governmental meetings, and sporting events as possible. We wish we could get to all of them, but we don’t have the resources of the big corporate-owned outlets or even the weekly newspapers that circulate the area. As such, we need your help in getting as many things covered as possible.

We want your scores. We want your stats. We want to know what is going on with your team, with your league. Whether it’s high school, collegiate, little league, or an organized adult slow pitch softball league, we’re happy to share your results and let people know what’s going on.

To send us your scores and highlights, shoot us an email at and tell us what league/team you’re representing and include final scores and any stats you may have available. You can also “like” us on Facebook and send us a message or post on our wall at or follow us on Twitter to tweet at us or DM us @TheCitizenChron. We also want your photos to help accompany any articles or stories we may publish.


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