Blade-wielding man apprehended at gunpoint

Jablonski has history of combative behavior with local police

📸Brimfield Police Department photo

BRIMFIELD — An unusual type of standoff occurred in this quiet town on Friday, as a police officer drew his firearm as part of an effort to disarm a man with a samurai-style sword.

The Brimfield Police Department reported this weekend that it had been called to Holland Road on Friday for a report of an intoxicated man in the roadway obstructing traffic and waving a machete. Police said the first officer to arrive on scene was confronted by Michael Jablonski, who was wielding a samurai-style sword estimated to be about three feet long. The officer reportedly convinced Jablonski, 46, to throw down the sword at gunpoint.

According to Brimfield Police, after putting down the sword Jablonski reportedly lunged at the officer before being “stabilized to the ground.” A second police officer assisted in taking Jablonski into custody.

Jablonski has been charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, two counts of resisting arrest, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, and disorderly conduct.

Combative history with local police

Friday’s incident is not Jablonski’s first with local law enforcement. On November 17, 2017, he allegedly spit in the face of a police officer after assaulting a jogger and bicyclists.

According to a contemporaneous statement released by the Brimfield Police Department at the time, police were called to the vicinity of Brookfield Road for reports of a man walking in and out of traffic while “flipping off” motorists.

When police arrived on scene, they affirmed Jablonski was “walking down the middle of the road with both of his middle fingers in the air.” A jogger approached police, reporting that just prior to their arrival “Jablonski had assaulted him without any provocation.”

When a police officer attempted to place Jablonski under arrest and search him, the combative man allegedly began to resist and spit into the officer’s face. A brief struggle reportedly ensured before Jablonski was taken into custody and transported to Massachusetts State Police barracks for booking. The officer involved in that arrest was transported to Wing Hospital by Brimfield EMS for treatment due to the risk of exposure to infectious disease in Jablonski’s saliva.

Police reported that just a few weeks prior to the incident, Jablonski had been charged for assaulting two bicyclists.


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