Sturbridge PD looking into firing of starter pistol

STURBRIDGE — Police are seeking the public’s help in response to reported gunfire that has been determined to come from a starter pistol.
The incident under investigation occurred Tuesday around 8 a.m. on Kelly Road at Route 15 as police said they were responding to a report of possible gunfire.
Through the initial investigation it determined there was a discharge of several rounds from a starter pistol, police said in a release. There were shell casings found in the roadway documenting them to be blank type rounds. Starter pistols are best known for use in track and field events to signal the start of a race or competition.
Police said a witness to the incident observed a blue vehicle parked on Kelly Road with a white female and male standing in front of it. There was no other description of the vehicle’s year, make or model. Authorities said the woman was observed discharging the starter pistol into the air.
Anyone who may have been in the area that morning are encouraged to contact the Sturbridge Police Department by calling 508-347-2525, extension 344.

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