Four juveniles arrested after running from police in Charlton

Waterbury kids allegedly tried broke into and stole from vehicles

CHARLTON — Police continue to track down victims after four teenagers were arrested in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning.

A Roberts Boulevard resident called authorities at 3:16 a.m. on Saturday when, while letting out his dog, he spotted the suspects allegedly breaking into vehicles. He was able to provide a description of the suspects and the vehicle in which they fled, according to a statement issued by the Charlton Police Department on Saturday.

After spotting the suspect vehicle on Daniels Road, Officer Christopher Birtz pursued it down Colburn Road. Police said the vehicle refused to stop despite Birtz signalling it to do so with his cruiser’s blue lights and siren.

According to police, the vehicle traveled onto A. F. Putnam Road, Oxford Road, Muggett Hill Road, and Freeman Road Extension before crashing into the woods at the intersection at Old Muggett Hill Road. Police said the vehicle proved to have been stolen from another location in Charlton.

When the vehicle crashed, police were able to take one of the four suspects into custody while the other three males fled on foot. Officer Timothy Smith, joined by State Police Trooper Hanchett and his K9 Orry, tracked the remaining three suspects through the woods and swampy terrain, toward Old Worcester Road and Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School. Police said that during the pursuit they found footwear the fleeing suspects had lost during their efforts to avoid capture.

With the assistance of Oxford Police Officer Kevin Mercier, Dudley Police Sgt. Paul Ceppetelli, Dudley Police Officer James Mastrogiovanni, and State Police Trooper Greg Gough, a perimeter was established while a Code Red alert was sent out to the neighborhood surrounding the area, police said.

At this time, police reported, “another alert citizen” spotted the suspects walking along Morton Station Road. The three juveniles allegedly entered another vehicle and attempted to drive away only to be boxed in by law enforcement. The vehicle with the three suspects had been reported stolen out of Waterbury, Conn., police affirmed.

Police took the three suspects into custody. The juveniles were shoeless and wore wet and muddy socks, police said. Each of the four juveniles taken into custody live in Waterbury, Conn., and have been held pending release on bail.

Police credited dispatcher Christine Bolduc for “a fantastic job coordinating all responding agencies and calls while also issuing the Code Red alert.”

According to police, some of the property recovered was identified by owners of vehicles in the Roberts Boulevard neighborhood, but the suspects had allegedly broken into vehicles in multiple parts of Charlton. Not all victims of these crimes have been identified. Police advise that anyone whose vehicle has been broken into, especially if a cell phone had been stolen, should contact Detective Jason White at 508-248-2250.


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