The Storm Magnet: Warming up for Valentine’s Day

By Dan Butler
Citizen Chronicle Contributor

The long range forecast trends to above average temperatures for the remainder of February!

Chilly Tuesday, but then your sweethearts will warm up by Valentine’s Day, possibly reaching 50 degrees — and dare I say some spots may reach 60 on Thursday!

Then another brief cool down for Friday, and Saturday morning in the teens. Sunday it begins to warm up again, and we are looking at possible 50’s again next week!

The trend also looks much drier than it has been recently, much less precipitation.

Have a great week everyone. 35 days until spring!

Dan Butler has always enjoyed keeping local folks informed about weather events especially during storm season. He is an NWS certified storm spotter and has two years of training with the Taunton office of the national weather service for southern New England.

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