TLGV Asks Community to Share Its Vision and Use its Voice to Shape The Future of The National Heritage Corridor

CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS – The Last Green Valley, Inc. needs your help to shape the future of The National Heritage Corridor. TLGV is launching an 18-month effort to bring together community members to share their visions and use their voices to help us create a long-range plan for the future of The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor.

The TLGV Board of Directors has created a community engagement committee that has already begun work to engage TLGV’s community partners in shaping a long-range plan. The board plans to involve the community in multiple phases during the next year and develop a long-range vision plan looking towards 2030 and beyond.

“The Last Green Valley, Inc. has been a steward of our region’s National Heritage Corridor for more than two decades,” said Bill Jobbagy, Chairman of TLGV’s Board of Directors. “One of our main objectives is connecting and inspiring people to care for, enjoy and pass on the quality of life and the region’s unique elements. Over the next year, we will be updating our long-range vision to guide our activities for the future. It is important that we receive input from those who enjoy the region’s many features and opportunities. To that end, we will engage our residents and local organizations to assist in creating this vision.”

The committee will be meeting with other organizations during phase one to discuss topics such as agriculture, land conservation, economic vitality and historical and cultural resources. Any organization wishing to be part of the conversation is welcome to contact TLGV.

TLGV Executive Director Lois Bruinooge said community engagement has always been part of TLGV’s work. “Everything we do, we do with partners,” Bruinooge said. “There is strength in partnerships enabling us to do more for The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor.”

In addition to meeting with organizations it already partners with, TLGV is looking for opportunities to engage with individuals and organizations that it does not already have a relationship with.

“We all enjoy living in this place we call The Last Green Valley. Sometimes we get so busy enjoying this place that we forget to step back and think about preserving it,” said Mike Longenbaker, chairman of TLGV’s Community Engagement Committee. “So, this is it! This is our time to step back and talk about it. To engage with each other and our whole community! What do we like about our heritage, our history, or natural resources, our people? What challenges are we facing? How should we try to handle those challenges? This is our chance to plan our future direction for the valley that we love.”

During the late summer into early winter, TLGV will be meeting with numerous organizations to learn about their hopes and concerns about the future of the national heritage corridor. Organizations interested in hosting TLGV for a workshop can contact Kyle Gregoire, TLGV Community and Donor Relations Manager, at 860-774-3300.

The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor is the last stretch of dark night sky in the coastal sprawl between Boston and Washington, D.C.  The Last Green Valley, Inc. works for you in the National Heritage Corridor. Together we can care for it, enjoy it and pass it on!


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