Protest Group Gains Victory Over Laughlin Kennels

OXFORD – The long battle between a group of local citizens and Laughlin Kennels has produced a legal victory for those protesting conditions at the kennel, which the group has described as a puppy mill.

A decision issued by Worcester County Superior Court states that the commercial kennel and pet store is unlawful. The decision upholds a cease and desist order issued by the Town of Oxford and a Zoning Board of Appeals decision to uphold the cease and desist.

According to the judgment, “Truckloads of newly delivered puppies, between eight and eleven weeks old at the time of their arrival, are brought to the property approximately twice each week. The puppies are then isolated in a basement holding room for their first forty-eight hours on site.”

A group of protestors from Oxford, surrounding towns and occasionally from beyond the region has been visible where Larned Road meets the busier Harwood Street and at other locations.

Oxford resident Cheryl Berthiaume reflects on the efforts of the protest group over the last several years.

“Three years of relentlessly protesting Laughlin Kennel, three years of educating the public about the connection between pet stores and puppy mills. Three years of compiling dozens upon dozens upon dozens of complaints from customers to the Department of Agriculture that bought sick pups that resulted in thousands of dollars in vet bills or death,” Berthiaume describes.

“We didn’t stop. We kept Laughlin Kennels in the spotlight by means of protesting, media and heartbreaking stories from duped customers,” she continues.

The Citizen Chronicle will bring you more on this story as it develops.


One thought on “Protest Group Gains Victory Over Laughlin Kennels

  1. I was a long battle but we succeeded in what we started out to do. Cheryl kept us going for 3 long years and it paid off. She is a leader.

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