Property Company from Dudley Assessed $9,750 Penalty by MassDEP for Violating Wetland Regulations at Southbridge Property

Work in Riverfront Area involved grading and filling activities and installing a stormwater outfall

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has assessed a $9,750 penalty against Benali Properties, LLC of Dudley, owner of land at 320 Elm Street in Southbridge, for violating wetlands regulations during parking lot construction at the site.

In response to a request for assistance from the Southbridge Conservation Commission, MassDEP staff inspected the property and observed that work had occurred on Benali’s property without obtaining required wetlands permits. Benali altered approximately 1,000 square feet of Riverfront Area by conducting grading and filling activities and installing a stormwater outfall.  Benali also failed to comply with two previous enforcement orders issued by the Southbridge Conservation Commission.

MassDEP has ordered Benali to submit a restoration plan from a wetlands specialist, complete a restoration of the altered Riverfront Area and monitor the restoration work for up to a year. The company must also pay the assessed penalty. 

“Obtaining proper permits before conducting work in wetlands resource areas is necessary to ensure protection of water resources,” said Mary Jude Pigsley, director of MassDEP’s Central Regional Office in Worcester. “Companies and individuals ignoring local enforcement actions will be subject to not only orders from the state, but also significant penalties.”


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