PRODUCTION COOKS WANTED!! (Multiple location all over Worcester) (Worcester)

employment type: employee’s choice
Summary of Position
Responsible for preparing all bulk recipes and proper cooling to food safety program standards, including labeling, rotation and storage.

Duties and Responsibilities
Adept at preparing large quantities; doubling and tripling recipes as necessary
Be prepared to serve up to 2500 covers per day
Ensures proper food handling procedures are followed wrapping, labeling, dating, stocking, storing, rotating and checking temperature of products
Assist in line cook duties as assigned
Maintain cleanliness of food prep kitchen and food storage areas
Assist in receiving and putting away orders and organizing product
Practice correct food handling and food storage procedures according to federal, state, local and company regulations
Be able to be obtain ServSafe or equivalent certification if required by Food & Beverage policy
Comply with time and attendance policies and be available to work on a regular basis
Understand company’s ISO management systems, policies, goals, and initiatives and meet the specific responsibilities within these areas
Actively participate in maintaining a positive work environment that fosters camaraderie and teamwork
Other duties as assigned

Position Requirements
Knowledge of food preparation and storage, sanitation requirements and commercial kitchen equipment
Must be able to work a variety of day, night, weekend, holiday shifts
Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with many types of personalities
Majority of shift will be spent on feet in a fast-paced environment, in close proximity to other people
Able to lift 25lbs regularly and 50lbs periodically
Ability to work and stand 50+ hours per week