Portrait of Theodore Jerome Harrington Gifted to Jacob Edwards Library

📷 A portrait of Theodore Jerome Harrington was gifted to Jacob Edwards Library earlier this year. Helen Boyle-Valentino photo.

By Helen Boyle-Valentino, Citizen Chronicle Writer, Photographer

SOUTHBRIDGE – Since May 2018, someone has been watching over the happenings in the reading room at Jacob Edwards Library. His portrait, attributed to William Willard (1819-1904), hangs about the secretary in the reading room. His name is Theodore Jerome Harrington (1821-1899)

Theodore was the son of Henry Harrington, founder of the first cutlery company in the United State. That company, Harrington Cutlery, was founded June 18, 1818, in Southbridge. The company was best known for making knives for shoe companies. Theodore’s home is said to have stood at 77 Hamilton street in Southbridge, a pink house. Various sources from Jacob Edwards Library and The Southbridge Historical Society have not been able to verify that this is the same house that now stands at 80 Hamilton Street.

The knife s hop of T.J. Harrington is pictured in the Southbridge Press, edition of Saturday, July 2, 1904.


Jacob Edward Library was given the gift of this portrait by the descendants of Theodore by Ted Booth and his family of Berkley, California. Harrington Cutlery was the predecessor of Dexter Russel Cutlery, which remains in operation in Southbridge to this day.


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