New Hope Launches “Movement and Miles” for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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Central Massachusetts – Every April New Hope recognizes Sexual Assault
Awareness Month (SAAM). This year we are excited to announce “Movement & Miles,” a month-long fundraising event to support survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Movement & Miles encourages individuals and teams to engage in a selected physical activity (walking, running, swimming, biking, dancing, stretching, etc.) and solicit sponsors to support their efforts. Throughout the month, participants will increase their fitness level and at the same time, raise funds for survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

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In common law jurisdictions, statutory rape (sometimes abbreviated herein as “SR”) is a non-forcible sex act involving two parties in which one of the individuals is below the age of consent (the age required to legally consent to the behavior).

We know that exercise assists in lowering stress levels, especially for those who experience trauma due to interpersonal violence. During the COVID pandemic, we recognize that survivors and their families are experiencing higher stress levels. Thus, participation in Movement & Miles will reap benefits both for participant’s health and for the survivors we serve.
To participate, please visit Proceeds from the event will support New Hope’s services in southeast and southcentral MA. To learn more, please call 508-226-4015 or email Special thanks to our sponsors: Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, Timberline Recovery Homes, Conlon Moving & Storage, and Coogan Smith, LLP.

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New Hope is in 41 communities throughout South-Central and Southeastern
Massachusetts serving those affected by domestic and sexual violence. Since domestic and sexual violence are often intertwined, our clients benefit from the full spectrum of programs we offer, allowing them to receive domestic and sexual violence services in one place. We offer a wide range of services which combine crisis intervention, violence prevention, life transition, and self-sufficiency opportunities, while promoting behavioral and systemic changes to reduce violence at the individual and community levels.


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