Cutlery Manufacturer Dexter-Russell Acquires R. Murphy® Knives

Southbridge, MA, November 7, 2018 – Dexter-Russell, Inc., a professional cutlery manufacturer that has maintained operations in Southbridge, Massachusetts since 1818, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the R. Murphy® Knives company, from Ayer, Massachusetts effective November 6, 2018. Dexter-Russell will retain the R. Murphy name, brand, and will continue to produce the high-quality products customers have come to expect from R. Murphy Knives.

Dating back to 1850, R. Murphy shares a similar history and long-standing manufacturing experience of ‘Made in the USA’ and supplying knives to industries important to the growth of this country for decades.  Over a century ago, it was well known to the shoe-making and textile industries. Today, new businesses, as well as popular consumer markets, rely on Murphy for high-quality, handcrafted knives.

Murphy has become a major player in the shellfish markets and brought awareness to carbon steel knives in the kitchen, among other achievements. New products like the Duxbury Oyster Knife and the Jackson Cannon Bar Knife have been huge successes which have led to features in local, national, and international publications.

Dexter recognizes the value in the R. Murphy brand and has every desire to keep that good name, good product and deliver the same great customer service. The resources Dexter has available will allow it to invest in a future for R. Murphy that is just as strong as its storied past.

Dexter is moving the production of R. Murphy products to Southbridge, Massachusetts and looks forward to carrying on the tradition of the Murphy brand and relationship with their customers.

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