CMM Inspector / Quality Assurance Manager Southbridge (Southbridge)

Intense, Demanding Job requiring a high level of Math Skills.

Exceptional team members wanted for intense and highly demanding job that requires a high level of math skills. Fair wages, flexible but sometimes long hours. Rewarding sense of accomplishment with contributing to a company that makes precision products and helps keep high skill manufacturing jobs in the United States.

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A&M Tool and Design is seeking a CMM Inspector / Quality Assurance Manager.
Job Functions include but are not limited to the following:

1) Program and Operate the coordinate measuring machine in support of customer dimensional inspection needs. Develop inspection programs using electronic data files provided directly from the Customer.

2) Perform precise measurements using bench equipment such as height gages, surface plates, optical comparators, micrometers, radius gauges, dial indicators, etc.

3) Maintain detailed records of programs and inspection results. Provide monthly reports on problem areas (Pareto, Trend, and other methods) to management

4) Assist and train A&M Employees with print interpretation with special attention to GD&T Tolerancing, and proper measuring techniques to obtain accurate data.

5) Continually improve quality and reduce all instances of Non-Conforming Product. Coordinate all quality issues with manufacturing and the Vice President of Operations.

6) Work as the ISO Representative for A&M Tool by coordinating and administering third party quality audits, inclusive of schedules, communication, reports and tracking follow-up actions.

7) Perform supplier evaluations, compile data on our suppliers and assist our suppliers in improving the quality that they provide to A&M Tool.

8) Continually improve A&M Tool’s capabilities by:
a) Studying and assisting in the implementation of lean manufacturing practices.
b) Researching and recommending new equipment.
c) Upgrading personnel through cross training, on the job training, attendance at seminars, trade shows, etc.

9) Know and follow all of A&M Tool’s Employee Health and Safety rules and be responsible for making sure all employees on the Plant floor adhere to these rules.

• Manage ISO Quality Management Systems