Police Chief Andrew Sluckis retires after three decades in law enforcement

Mirarchi is a solo practitioner  a rare commodity among the thousands of lawyers in this City who, overwhelmingly, attach themselves to law firms, small and large. He helps with a vast range of cases such as bankruptcy, family law, personal injury, DUI and more .

That dedication is the one reason behind his founding of the Virtual Office Professional Services Co. located within in his office suite in Center City. It opens the doors for startup businesses and young lawyers to enjoy the full benefits of a major office facility in Center City at little cost. It even provides a perfect office location for out-of-county law experts like Bob Bratt.

Mirarchi went through that beginning phase himself, operating on a shoestring.  Over my years of practice, I realized how difficult it was for young attorneys and small-business operators to get a foothold on working in Center City, he explains. My clients felt better represented if they could call my office, or sit with me in that office at a conference table where I was able to put my hands on their files immediately. I found that to be the same with other entrepreneurs, especially startups, who needed to show they are for real and have a base of operations from which they can be reached.

While growing his own practice, Mirarchi scouted for such a facility and found it in a 2,400-square-foot suite in the historic North American Building located at the corner of Broad & Sansom Streets. He actually worked on the suite with various contractors, configuring it in an elegant and distinguishable way so the office suite conforms in appearance to the needs of my tenants and not just that of my own he said. Virtual Office Professional Services, Inc. affords other people with the luxury of complete office space and base of operations, in the heart of the city, at fees tailored to each person budget.


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