Inventive Costumes Abound at Senior Center Event

📷 The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz, as played by Cedric Flowers.
Photos and story by Sarah Champagne

SOUTHBRIDGE – The senior centers of Charlton, Sturbridge and Southbridge came together for a Halloween event at the Casaubon Senior Center in Southbridge Wednesday, Oct. 31. The Halloween Harvest Festival was put on by the S.A.L.T. Council, which is a group of senior citizens and police officers from the tri-community area of Charlton, Sturbridge and Southbridge.

Costumes were optional at this event, but most of the attendees showed up in costume. They didn’t disappoint either; they made the most of the celebration with inventive and elaborate Halloween costumes. Some who dressed up as zombies or other Halloween classics stayed in character for a parade around the gymnasium where the event was held. Maggie the Clown provided entertainment. Representative Peter Durant stopped by to enjoy the fun as well.

Dorothy (Yvonne Roberts)
Toto from Wizard of Oz in Dorothy’s basket (A dog named Peanut in real life)
A spooky character (name unknown)
Minnie Mouse has fun at the event (Shirley Gaulin)
A menacing zombie wandered through the event (Gary Showers)
The wandering zombie approaches the living (Gail Stokes, Gary Showers)
Maggie the Clown entertains the crowd.
Rep. Peter Durant joined the fun. Pictured with Elaine Materas, director of the Charlton Senior Center.
A mummy wandered the Halloween event (Karen Fierro)
“A Disco Zombie” (Irene Danko)
A ghoulish joker (name unknown)
A sparkly character dressed up to celebrate is followed by a disco zombie (Donna LaPierre, Irene Danko)
A mummy, a zombie and other characters were featured in a parade around the gym set to spooky music at Haloween Harvest Fest 2018, held at the Southbridge Community Center.

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