Who are the best teachers in the area?

The Citizen Chronicle seeks to recognize excellence amid COVID-19 chaos

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Over the last three months, educators have had to reinvent the ways they taught lessons, communicated with students and peers, and provide some sense of normalcy and routine to children during the coronavirus pandemic. Teachers turned their classrooms around on a dime, putting in my hours and effort than ever before to support our students.

While there have been countless heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic — from nurses and doctors, first responders, truck drivers, and essential workers of every type — The Citizen Chronicle is looking to recognize the best educators in the area now that the 2019-2020 school year has wrapped up in most, if not all, of the region’s school districts.

In order to recognize these hard-working men and women, we need your input! In the form below, please identify a teacher that has stepped up to the plate in a big way and deserves a bit of recognition for their efforts. You may nominate as many different teachers as you see fit.

Any current teacher working in Auburn, Brimfield, the Brookfields, Charlton, Dudley, Holland, Leicester, Millbury, Monson, Oxford, Palmer, Southbridge, Spencer, Sturbridge, Wales, Warren, or Webster are eligible.


One thought on “Who are the best teachers in the area?

  1. Mrs. Cave is a teacher that is creative and brings lots of good energy to her class. She is not one to shy away from children with challenges.She makes each child feel important and know that she cares about them as individuals. She provided excellent online distance learning during this pandemic and combined it with fun activities that kept my daughter engaged in learning. She also provided emotional support during this tough time to her students. I was very impressed with the variety of learning tools provided to the children in her class and their families as well.

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