Shepherd Hill receives $327,255 skills grant

Funds for Innovation Pathways Programming in Engineering and Manufacturing

DUDLEY — Shepherd Hill Regional High School will be upgrading and enhancing its Innovation Pathways Programming in Engineering and Manufacturing through a large grant.

Governor Charlie Baker announced on February 25 that $14.6 million in grants have been awarded to 54 educational institutions to update equipment and expand student enrollment in career education programs. Shepherd Hill will receive $327,255 of the $14.6 million.

“Skills Capital Grants help preserve the Commonwealth’s talent pipeline by funding expanded enrollment and equipment upgrades at educational institutions to provide more students with in-demand skills sought by employers,” said Baker in a press release.

Shepherd Hill Principal William Chaplin reported the award will “go to very good use” and provide students with opportunities to create the “real world relevant exposure” to today’s engineering and manufacturing industry.

“Over the last several years Shepherd Hill has continued to expand its offering to meet the needs of a modern day educational classroom as well as creating experiences for students to be exposed to student-driven and career-preparatory projects and experiences,” read Chaplin’s press release. “This includes an expansion of our offerings within Engineering, Manufacturing, and the Biomedical Pathways. Students will gain valuable curriculum and hands-on experience that will allow them to gain credentials and advanced manufacturing certifications.”

Jeffrey Riley, commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, said in the press release: “There is a growing awareness not just in our schools — but in the research community — that we must more closely match students daily experience in school with the expectations they will encounter in college, in their careers, and as citizens navigating a complex world. This means asking students to work in ambiguous contexts, on meaningful projects with larger purpose, and both independently and in teams — all while connecting these activities to our state standards.”

Chaplin said Shepherd Hill will continue to expand the Innovations Pathways Program and looks forward to showcasing the updated Manufacturing and Fabrication Lab to the community during open houses in the fall.


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